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About me

Hi there! I am a software developer, musician and a conversationalist. And I love to Make Cool Shit™

I like to be useful. I subscribe to the idea that information that does not translate into action is not knowledge and I like myself to stay at the edge of my knowledge. Technology, by definition, is the edge of human knowledge. So naturally I am in the tech world trying to solve a handful of meaningful problems.

I am deeply passionate about exploring different ideas, across many disciplines. I read stuff (but not as much as I would like myself to). I love to study psychology and philosophy. And science, of course. I identify as both a rationalist and an empiricist. I am fascinated by investigation of human psyche. I am deep in a pile of philosophical thought and I am always up for a conversation.

When work ends I am musician and an amateur writer and I love to talk to all sorts of people. I have been trying to write both music and a book for sometimes without much success. (Hopefully I can edit this page to change this line soon).

I occasionally write here about tech, philosophy and ideas. Reach out to me on social media if you want to talk about anything, all the links are in the footer.



I got into freelancing at 2018, writing code for people and helping them solve some interesting problems. And for past 4+ years, creating products for people has been my living.

I have joined Instawork as an full stack engineer in 2021. At Instawork, we are building a marketplace for blue collar jobs where people can find economic opportunities for themselves. Instawork is powered by Python/Django , so most of the code I write nowadays is in Python and Javascript,inevitably. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Work history
Full stack Engineer, Instawork Banaglore, May 2021 - Present
  • I am part of Product engineering team here at Instawork. We are solving some unique problems in the domain of flexible stuffing.
  • The tech stack I am using here is Python, Djanog, MySQL, Celery
  • Implemented product features that spans accros the entire tech stack
  • I am involved in introducting a message bus to the infrastucture of Instawork
Freelance developer 2018 - Present
  • I have solved a whole host of problems for my clients. Built working products from unclear-specs.
  • Managed multiple projects and delivered on time.
  • Primary tech stack I use is: Python/Django, Postgres, React/JS/Typescript and almighty AWS
  • I have automated workflows for my clients day to day work. Built full fledged webapps
  • Built full stack data analytics platform for online retailors. The pipeline included data gathering, scraping, data warehousing and reporting

Side projects

Resume builder

If you are here from a resume of mine chances are it is built using this app. It is a SaaS app that I built from scratch where you can record your work history once and compose a differnt resume for every job you apply in just a few clicks.

The backend is written in Python/Django and the frontend is written in JavaScript using React.

Github repo: malayh/resume_builder
Live at: Resume builder

This website

This website that you are currently looking at is developed using Django, bootstrap in less than 500 lines of code. I build this site to write about various things that I want to talk about. Visit my homepage to checkout articles I wrote.

HabitX: Chome plugin

Prevents me from mindlessly wondering in web by putting blockers on my way.

It's written in JavaScript using React

Github repo: malayh/habitx
Find at chorme store: Resume builder

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