6 Design Patterns you must know as a developer: Low Level Design Part #2

January 23,2021

This is the 3rd part of the Low level design series, where I will introduce you to design pattern. In this post we will talk about 6 design patterns that I found most useful because they address some very common problems.

RSA Cryptosystem

January 11,2021

In this installment of Reinvent the wheel I will take deep dive into RSA cryptosystem and implement it from scratch. I will explain how the mathematics of it works and then implement it in C++.

How to use SOLID as a framework to approach design problems: Low level design Part #1

November 23,2020

If you're system is hard to understand, It almost cetainly due to bad design of the low level components.

You can create a nightmare of a system by not knowing how to logically layout your modules or by abusing design patterns. Without understanding why you need low level design and what problem they are trying to solve, you are guaranteed to misuse them. So in this installment of the low level design series we will discuss about what’s the purpose of design. We will discuss on how to use SOLID as framework to think about common design problems.

TL;DR included. But you need to read this.