4 design mistakes you will make as software developer: Low level design, Part #0

November 22,2020

As software system evolves it grows in size and it becomes increasingly messier really fast if we don’t pay close attention to.

How to NOT create a code base that is a maintenance nightmare?  What is the scope of SOLID design principles as a thinking framework to approach low level design problems? 
In this first installment of the Low level design series, you will learn about few common ways to create working but bad code and how to not do that

TL;DR included if you want a quick read. 

10 ideas to reverse engineer web apps : Web scraping 101

November 09,2020

In this post we will discuss about various common problem you face when we are trying to scrap a site for some valuable information and ways to approach such problems. Then at the end we will discuss few ideas on how to design a bot and we will discuss on how to interface with a web app.

TL;DR included for those who are here for a quick read.